The library of Del Institute of Technology has been operated since January 9th, 2002 by open access service system, which means any student was free to enter to the library and take the book(s) he or she wanted to borrow. The library was opened with 138 books and 59 book titles. All of them were about computer.

Initially, the library of IT Del consisted of 1 room on the 2nd floor at the Administration Building and the Director’s Room. Despite the small space, the library was visited by all students, 60 persons at that time. It was such a proud thing because with only 138 books, after the 3 months of new students’ admission, the library became a place where students loved to visit.

In 2003 the new library building was finished constructing beside the auditorium. The new building was a two floor building with two discussion rooms, one reference room, one silent reading room, one book processing room, and one room for the head of the library.


The library of IT Del has been greatly supported by the Del Foundation and heads at IT Del. Therefore, the book collection had reached 3936 titles and 7347 exemplars in 2012. Apart from books, the IT Del library provides the most up-to-date periodicals like: Reader’s digest, National Geographic, The Economist, newspapers like Kompas, SIB, The Jakarta Post, Tabloid Bola, Harian Analisa, magazines such as Tempo, CHIP, INfokomputer, Infolinux, Weekender and any other collection like journals and proceedings. The highest collection covers the most recent Information Technology books from trusted online book stores;  many unpublished books have been preordered. In addition, the library also provides non-IT books helpful for enriching knowledge and entertaining.

The service at the library is not only for particular groups, but also for Del Foundation’s all staffs and employees. In that regard, their families can enjoy the service at the Library of IT Del as well.

The library is equipped with CD/DVD collections to help students learn and study computer programs and English, especially while studying independently. The sources at the library aims to help students improve their ability in programming and English use.

Along with the development of information the library of IT Del has a system of information called the information system for the library of IT Del (SIPP). This information system has been up-to-date by the help of IT Del’s information system, Android HP’s accessible.


The followings are the rules at the Library of IT Del:

The Library of IT Del members are:
1. IT Del students
2. IT Del’s lecturers and staffs
3. Del’s employees
4. The families of Del’s lecturers, staffs, and employees

Rules in the Library

  1. Operational hours
    – Monday to Friday: 08:00 am-21:45 pm

– Saturday: 08:00-12:00 pm

1. Visit

For security reasons, the visitors are forbidden to bring bags, folders or jackets into the library. The things must be kept in provided lockers. Any damages or losses of private belongings become the risks of the owner. Basically, the library of IT Del is a study place. So, each visitor must stay calm in the library and respect other visitors being studying. Also, all of its visitors must keep the library cleaning and neat.

2. How to Borrow Books


  1. Members must bring and show their member card to the librarian when they want to borrow a book. The card is returned right after transaction process for borrowing books finishes.
  2. Now any damage or loss of the book will be the responsibility of the borrower. The borrower will charged if he or she returns the book late.

The Information System will remind the borrower a day before the date of a book’s return. The number of books borrowed:
a. For the first and second-degree students : 4 books maximum
b. The third-degree students finishing the Final Assignment and staffs: 5 books maximum.
c. The lecturers can borrow books: 7 books maximum

3. Borrowing Time:
a) Students : 7 days. If there is no reservation for the borrowed book(s), the borrower can prolong the borrowing time for the next 7 days.
b) Lecturers and staffs: 14 days, by the borrowing time for the next 14 days

c) English main reference: the borrowing time is one semester for students and English lecturer

d) IT main reference: the borrowing time is one semester for IT lecturers only (based on their course

The materials only read in the library: The books needed for the Final Project, the Final Assignment, the Internship Report, magazines, journals, dictionaries, encyclopedia and map are for reading in the library only. The reference is forbidden to take out of the library anytime, yet it can be used in the library or copied.

The visitors outside IT Del are not allowed to borrow books in any conditions. However, they can read the books in the library and use computers to access the Internet if IT Del people are not using them.

All books borrowed from the library must be returned before the holiday, and during the holiday it is not allowed to borrow any books from the library.

Community Works by IT Del Library

IT Del library  has conducted the community work such as:

  1. Story telling for IT Del staffs/family members

The story telling is scheduled 2 times in a week.

  1. The lecture about reading interest for schools around IT Del
  2. Circulating library


2. A talk about interests in reading around IT Del

3. Circulating library