Students’ Council launched on October 17th and made legal on March 17, 2004, thanks for the blessing and grace from the Almighty God for all IT Del students. It further has become the basis for students’ development in all areas. As a union it serves for legislative and executive functions.

The legislature is conducted by MPM (Students’ Consultative Assembly), whereas executive function is held by the council’s Students’ Executive Body.

Students’ Consultative Assembly is the highest body of IT Del’s Students’ Council monitoring and functioning as legislature for the organization itself. It is a body which facilitates students’ aspirations to the Students’ Consultative Assembly or campus (students division). MPM’s members are the students’ representatives from each study program and class at IT Del.

Organizations under Del Institute of Technology (IT Del)’s Students’ Council in general are responsible for controlling the students’ activities and uniting all IT Del students by a series of activities held by each division under the BPH of the council. In order to achieve such goals, each management of the council must lay a foundation and direction of their management policies. All of those are wrapped up in a single document called IT Del’s Students’ Council Work Program. The work program sums up students’ activities in one year.

The Council consists of seven divisions led by one coordinator. Each coordinator has some members helping in the division’s activities. The functions, assignments and authority of IT Del’s Students Council should be in line with the Articles of Association. The divisions during a management period of IT Del Students Council are:

  1. Education Division
  2. Division of Order
  3. Sports Dvision
  4. Religion Division
  5. Art Dvision
  6.  Division of Equipment
  7. External Affairs Division


To realize dynamic, harmonious, united, fair, discipline, virtuous, ethics and family-oriented students with a step-ahead thinking under the Students’ Council backed by independent, God-fearing, noble, campus loving, law conscious and science and technology ruling IT Del students.


In order to realize the vision, the missions of IT Del’s Students’ Council are:

  1. to increase the quality of students in any areas especially in education
  2. to promote religious teaching in daily life so as to bring the quality of faith and God-fearing attitude to the Almighty God into reality and make the believers whose faith are noble, tolerant, peaceful under pillars of harmony get closer.
  3. to  ensure a peaceful, well-ordered and safe environment for students.
  4. to realize socio-cultural values which are personal, dynamic and cultural-resistant to globalization.
  5. to implement a union that serves the students which is useful, professional, innovative and transparent.