The Language Center at Del Institute of Technology provides some programs and services for English skills development and for documents translations. Services for interpreting is also provided as requested.

For individual English skills development, it is initially for preparation to sit an English test either for national or International standard tests. The most wanted English Proficiency Test, TOEFL institutional test, is provided as requested and also provided every year for a fix date to the third year students of IT Del.

Some other services for English professional development are also provided and are grouped into some classes as follows:

  1. English for Communication
  2. TOEFL Test Preparation
  3. IELTS Test Preparation
  4. English for Nursing
  5. English for Information Technology
  6. English for Administration and Secretary
  7. English for Oil and Gas

These courses can be ordered in person or for a group of people sharing the same interest for a specific course.

Those above mentioned services are offered not only to Del students and staff but also to the general public in the local community and beyond.

For further inquiries, please contact:

Monalisa Pasaribu via email to or call (0632) 331234


TOEFL Institutional Test (TOEFL ITP) in IT Del Campus

IT Del has administered TOEFL ITP Test (Test of English as a Foreign Language Institutional Testing Program) since 01 June 2013 after signing the MoU between IT Del and IIEF (The Indonesian International Education Foundation). IIEF operates under the supervision of ETS America. The score of TOEFL ITP given by IIEF is the score that is officially issued by Educational Testing Service (ETS), Princeton, United States of America.

TOEFL ITP test or well known as TOEFL institutional test is administered every month in IT Del in 2022 with the following timetable:

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-31 at 15.34.05

*The test is opened with a minimum of 10 participants


The test is generally started from 08:00 – 11:00 a.m, and if because of some reasons the time needs to be changed, the test coordinator will inform the participants individually in advance.


The test is IDR. 570.000 (five hundred seventy thousand rupiahs). for each candidate. If you wish the test result to be sent to your postal address, you will be charged an additional fee that you will pay on the test date. The amount of additional fee is specified based on the cost delivery standard made by IT Del.

Transfer payment to the Bank account appointed by IT Del:

Bank BNI Cabang Balige

Account name: LPPM PI Del

Account number: 0187092089

With subject: TOEFL ITP registration fee on behalf of .<mention your name>



  1. Registration can be done via phone call at 0632-331234 or via facsimile at 0632-331116 or via email to by completing the registration form that covers:
  1. The applicants name
  2. Preferred test date
  3. The copy of passport or citizen card used for registering
  4. Transfer payment receipt
  5. TOEFL ITP result collection preference

Please send the complete form via email to or via facsimile at 0632-331116 or to IT Del’s postal address below:

Kampus Institut Teknologi Del

Jl. Sisingamangaraja, Sitoluama
Laguboti, Toba Samosir
Sumatera Utara, Indonesia
Kode Pos: 22381

  1. If registering via email, please contact us to get confirmation of your registration at the latest 3 (three) days after you register by sending an email to If you do not get any reply, please re-send your confirmation email or please make a call at 0632-331234.



  1. The TOEFL ITP test is conducted online and/or onsite.
  2. The test standard and the assessment are similar to Paper-Based System International TOEFL.
  3. The test form is multiple choice.
  4. The TOEFL ITP sections are:
    1. Section 1: Listening Comprehension (50 items)
    2. Section 2: Structure and Written Expressions (40 items)
    3. Section 3: Reading Comprehension (50 items)



All tests are provided by IIEF Jakarta. The score of TOEFL ITP given by IIEF is the score that is officially issued by Educational Testing Service (ETS), Princeton, United States of America.

The TOEFL ITP result will be available and can be directly taken at IT Del campus 3 (three) weeks after the test date. This is due to the process of answer sheet delivery from IT Del to IIEF and the certificate delivery from IIEF to IT Del.