It is currently a demanding homework for Indonesia to prepare the Indonesian young generation to be able to compete in the global era. Those young generations are those who have noble characters, good faith, creative and innovative, and most of all have the courage to fight for education. We defined those characteristics into three principles “marTuhan, marRoha, marBisuk.’ The three principles may be defined into ‘have faith in God, have a good heart, and have wisdom.’

Those are the initial backgrounds that prompted me to constitute a school in a rural place very close to Lake Toba in 2001, and it was firstly named Politeknik Informatika Del. The Polytechnic was founded in a village called Sitoluama, in Laguboti, Toba Samosir, North Sumatera, Indonesia. The village lies 200 km in distance from the capital city of North Sumatera; Medan or 10 km from Balige, the nearest town which has a population of 200.000 people with an income per capita of Rp. 100.000.

This school was founded with a noble purpose. My vision in founding this institution was not only to reinforce our nation’s competition capacity in terms of information technology, biotechnology and business but more to give contribution to the local government to make a prosperous society.  I believe that to have equality in economic across this country, it should be started with equal opportunities towards education.

I am so grateful that after 15 years in establishment, this institution may achieve its potential purposes by the hard work and high dedication endeavored by all the staff in academic or non-academic fields. Institutionally, the previous name; Polytechnic; has changed into Institut Teknologi Del. This new name and form has given us a chance to develop this institution in providing more educational options and fields in Biotechnology and Business. We keep providing this institution with enough facilities including the 10 ha land to support the educational purposes for agriculture and husbandry.

With unceasing courage, I would like to thank those staff working at IT Del and to all Indonesian people who give trust to this campus. Producing competent and competitive alumni is not the only target we aimed for but the most important value we want to achieve is to stand on the national needs in the global competition.

Viva Institut Teknologi Del