Accommodation for Lecturers

Del Institute of Technology provides housing for its lecturers and staffs in campus. So, all the lecturers and staffs can be more easily to contribute their best for academics quality and non-academics process at Del Institute of Technology. Having been able to live in ergonomics environment with ergonomics facilities, those lecturers and staffs are expected to build themselves as well as possible. Some types of house for lecturers and staffs (The buildings are as in these pictures) are as follows:


  • The Lecturer’s House (RD) consists of 8 fully-furnished houses for lecturers and their families.
  • Mansionette is a two-floor building, comprising of 7 fully-furnished flat, each with two bedrooms for lecturers and/or staffs with a family.
  • Town House consists of 8 fully-furnished small houses for lecturers with a family.
  • Studio is a one-bedroom unit for single lecturers and/or staffs.

Accomodation for Students

All students at Del Institute of Technology have to live in dormitory. This is to back up the vocational education system which obliges all students to engage in academics activities scheduled from morning to afternoon, resumed with independent study until 10 p.m. The aim of requiring students to live in dormitory is to give them enough time to get rest after having hectic days in campus. So, they can perform well enough in any activities in campus. In that relation, the students are supervised by dorm mothers/fathers assisted by dorm brothers/sisters. With the rules at the dormitory students will live their lives in a more discipline and cultured way.

All dormitories are furnished with sufficient beds, wardrobes, bathrooms and laundry. The boy and girl students must live in separated buildings. The dormitory building consists of:



  • Dormitory I is a 2-floor building with 24 rooms with the capacity of 90 students.
  • Dormitory II is a 2-floor building with 24 rooms with the capacity of 90 students.
  • Dormitory II (Boys’ Dormitory) consists of two buildings, each of them is a 2-floor building with 80 rooms with the capacity of 400 students.
  • Dormitory III (Girls’ Dormitory) is a 3-floor building with  40 rooms with the capacity of 150 students.

Guest House

Del Institute of Technology also provides accommodation for visiting guests. There are 6  guest houses, fully-furnished with a kitchen and a bathroom. The beauty of Lake Toba’s view makes this facility look so stunning. All guests, either academicians or non-academicians must feel comfortable, while having been facilitated with such accommodation.