Del Institute of Technology (IT Del) now opens registrations of the A.Y. 2013/2014 for all prospective senior and vocational high school students to enroll as the new students class of XV. They will be trained to be professionals in information and technology between three and five years in these study programs :

  1. Undergraduate program in Informatics Engineering
  2. Undergraduate program in Information System
  3. Undergraduate program in Engineering Management
  4. Undergraduate program in Electrical Engineering
  5. Undergraduate program in Bioprocess Engineering
  6. Diploma 4 program in Applied Science of Informatics Engineering
  7. Diploma 3 program in Informatics Engineering
  8. Diploma 3 program in Computer Engineering

The selection process for the new prospective  IT Del students of the A.Y. of  2014/2015 is held through these tests:

  1. Interest & Aptitude Test (PMDK)

This test-based selection is for several senior and vocational high schools only, which are located in  Tobasa, Taput, Humbanghas, Samosir, Sibolga, Tapteng, Dairi, Simalungun and Nias. This aims to give equal opportunities for local students with good academics achievement. The conditions to be considered in PMDK IT Del 2014 are as follows:

  • Consistently selected as one of the best 10 students in their class; or
  • Consistently getting minimum grade 8 for these courses-Math, Physics, and English every semester

The PMDK selection is based on the assessment for a prospective student’s administration completion and evaluation on his academic and non-academic achievements. Students selected by PMDK’s selection process are further required to sit TNI AD’s physicological test. However, that’s just for profiling the students’ character rather than for the passing grade.

  1. Admission Test (USM)

The admission test is aimed at senior and vocational high school graduates with certifications of year  2012, 2013 or 2014 across Indonesia. The maximum age for the registrants is 21 years old by  31th of August 2014, which proved by a birth certificate. The admission test is held in 3 test groups:

a. Admission Test 1 (USM 1)

b. Admission Test 2 (USM 2)

c. Admission Test 3 (USM 3)

Each participant of the admission test must sit a Test for Academic Potential. This test covers General Logical Test  (TLU), Math and English. The participants passing the Academic Potential test must further sit the physicological test conducted by TNI AD. Those who pass the second test are allowed to register at IT Del campus.

Further information is: IT Del’s  PMB official website (