On May 26, 2023, at CNGR Qinzhou Industrial Base, China, Del Institute of Technology (ITDel) and CNGR International signed a memorandum of understanding on establishing and developing the Metallurgical Engineering Study Program at the Del Institute of Technology. This signing was carried out by Fu Peiwen (Vice President of CNGR International) with Dr Arnaldo Marulitua Sinaga, S.T, M.InfoTech (IT Del Chancellor) represented by Humasak Tommy Argo Simanjuntak, ST, M.ISD (Vice Chancellor III for Partnership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship), and witnessed directly by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the DEL Foundation, Gen. TNI (Purn) Luhut B. Pandjaitan and Founder and Chairman of CNGR Advanced Material Co Lt, Deng Weiming.

CNGR is one of the biggest ternary precursor producers in the world. CNGR maintain strategic cooperation with dozens of famous enterprises globally. The core products, including high voltage tricobalt tetraoxide, high-nickel NCM (Nickel Cobalt Manganese hydroxides) and NCA (Nickel Cobalt Aluminum hydroxides), are supplied to the world’s top 500 enterprises located in China, Europe, America, Japan, and Korea, and widely used in 3C digital products, power, and energy storage. In the past three years, CNGR shipments of ternary precursors and tricobalt tetraoxide have ranked first in the world. CNGR follows the pace of the global high-end supply chain, accelerates the global layout and helps the development of the global new energy industry.

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Established in 2014, CNGR is mainly engaged in the R&D, production, processing and sales of precursor materials for cathode materials of lithium batteries. CNGR has industrial bases in Western, Central and Southern China with partnerships with world-renowned battery and cathode material manufacturers. CNGR has been recognized as a National Enterprise Technology Center and High-Tech Enterprise. In addition, CNGR was also awarded a “National Intelligent Manufacturing” and “Green Manufacturing Factory” by the Chinese Government.

In 2021, CNGR built raw material bases in Indonesia and planned international industrial bases. Along with developing its business, CNGR’s mission is “Devote to the development of new energy, constructing a better life for human beings.” Related to this, the investment made is not only limited to the field of the economy but also to the development of human resources and education quality.


Since 2022, CNGR has initiated a Cooperation plan with Del Institute of Technology, a local university located in Toba Regency, North Sumatra, to establish the Metallurgical Engineering Study Program at the IT Del. This action is in line with CNGR’s commitment to devote to the development of technology, research, and the transformation of renewable energy.

At IT Del, the Metallurgy Engineering Study Program will be under the Faculty of Industrial Technology and is planned to start running in the 2023/2024 academic year. This study program has the vision of building and producing reliable metallurgical graduates or talents, specifically in metal chemical engineering and renewable energy, such as lithium batteries. This study program will answer the needs of the industry, especially in the field of new renewable energy. The study program’s establishment (permit and operational) is in progress under a team chaired by Dr Fitriani Silalahi, S.Si, M.Si (Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Technology).

The synergy between IT Del as higher education and CNGR International, the world’s leading industries is expected to strengthen the quality of education and research programs, promote innovation and the application of the latest technology, and prepare graduates ready to work and understand the industrial world. This will help increase the competitiveness of graduates and prepare them to become future leaders, especially in metallurgy. We hope the process will run smoothly and achieve the goal of developing the metallurgical industry in Indonesia and the world.

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