Dedy Anwar, ST., MT

He received Bachelor Degree (2013) and Master Degree (2016) of Chemical Engineering from University of Sumatera Utara.

He is lecturer on bioprocess engineering. He is expert on are in the fields of environmental management, waste treatment, bioenergy and also another industrial management. He have many experience on research and project that usefull on engineering studies. Now he is lead of Laboratory of Bioprocessing Engineering and also Instrument Laboratory in IT Del


email; dedy.anwar@del.ac.id or dedyanwar08@gmail.com

phone: +62 811 640 107 (mobile)


2014 Production Activated Liquid Organic Fertilizer from Advance Treatment of  POME Treatment Into Biogas  ISSN : 2337 – 4888
2015 Composting of Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB) Mixed with Activated Organic Liquid Fertilizer
2015 Production of Compost from Non Shredded Empty Fruit Bunches Mixed with Activated Liquid Organic Fertilizer in Tower Composter