Dr. Johannes Harungguan Sianipar, S.T., M.T.

Jabatan                                                   : Dosen


Name : Johannes Harungguan Sianipar
Birth : 16 April 1973
Marital Status : Married
Citizenship : Indonesia
Address : Komp. IT Del, Jl. SM Raja Sitoluama – Kec. Laguboti, Kab. Toba, Sumatera Utara – 22381
Email Address : runggu@yahoo.com , johannes@del.ac.id


2000 :

Bachelor Degree from STTTelkom (Telkom University)

Faculty of Telecommunication Engineering

Thesis: TDMA based MAC Protocol for ATM-PON

2010 :

Master Degree from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)

Faculty of Informatics

Thesis: Log Analysis Application Development for User Access Control on Internet Proxy Server

2020 :

Ph.D from Hasso Plattner Institut, University of Potsdam Germany

Thesis: Towards Scalable & Secure Virtual Laboratory for Cybersecurity e-Learning


Academic Rank
2004 : Asisten Ahli
2012 : Lektor


Work Experiences

2000 – 2002 : Instructor of Cisco Networking Academy at ITB
2002 – 2013 : Lecturer at Del Institut of Technology (IT Del) Indonesia
2002 – 2007 : Network Administrator in IT Del
2004 – 2007 : Head of Computer Engineering Department
2011 – 2012 : Vice Director of General Administration and Resources at IT Del
2013 – 2019 :

Ph.D. Student at Hasso Plattner Institute



Professional Training
2001 : Cisco Networking Academy Program
2002 : CCNA, CCDA Certified


Professional Skills
Programming Languages : Java, Python, C, Groovy, HTML, Javascripts
Operating Systems : Windows Server, Linux Centos & Ubuntu
Networking : Protocol (TCP/IP, etc), Wireless LAN, LAN, ATM, Frame Relay, ISDN, RIP etc.
Networking Services : DNS, DHCP, Active Directory, NGINX, NFS, SNMP, NAS, etc.
Hardware : Cisco Catalyst, Cisco Router, Firewall (Cisco PIX, Mikrotik, Fortigate), Mikrotik Router, Fiber Optic, etc.
Research Interest
1. Virtual Laboratory for Cyber Security e-Learning
2. Distributed System & Cloud Computing
3. Security in Cloud Computing
4. Machine Learning in Cyber Security
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1. Roosen Gabriel Manurung

  • Research Area: Distributed System & Cloud Computing
  • Competencies: Analytical ability, Problem-solving
  • Skills: Computer Networking, Programming
2. Yoel Napitupulu

  • Research Area: Distributed System & Cloud Computing
  • Competencies: Analytical ability, Problem-solving
  • Skills: Computer Networking, Programming