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1 Nama : SELT 2014 International Conference, Universitas Negeri Padang
Judul : Expolrating Students Coorporate Learning Combined with Silent Way Teaching
Approach as Part of Learner-Centered Methodology Using Communication
Practice Enabling the First-Year Degree Students at an it University to Acquire
English Fundamental Grammar Knowledge
2 Nama : The 9th FLL International Conference 2015 UKSW
Judul Blended Learning Practice Integrated Into Inquiry-Based Coorporation vs Handbook
3 Nama : ICTTE FKIP UNS 2015, Universitas Sebelas Maret
Judul Assessing the Result of Incorporating Five Genre Writing Practice Into an English
Syllabus in the Second-Year Diploma 3 IT Students IELTS Test-Like Essay Writing
4 Nama : Jurnal Ilmiah Research Sains Volume 2 Nomor 2 Juni 2016
Judul : Using the Internet Based Rosources for Teaching IT Students Authentic listening (Jurnal)
5 Judul How Computer Network Learning Environment Based Blended Reading Strategies Impact on Informatics Engineering Students’ Reading Comprehension.