Del is interpreted as “the Leaders With One Step Ahead”

Del Foundation had played its roles in society long before Toba Sejahtera, a company that later made Del Foundation as its core CSR, was established.

Initially, Del Foundation was established to give access for highly achieved students in remote areas with poor economics background good education. It has established Del Polytechnic of Informatics and Del Unggul Senior High School in  Laguboti, North Sumatera and NOAH school in Kalisari, East Jakarta.

Apart from actively engaging in education, Del Foundation has developed numerous collaborations with local governments and social institutions in Indonesia to improve its service and extend itself to any other strategic service.

Del Polytechnic of Informatics was established in 2001 to provide internationally high quality  education for potential students, especially those from North Sumatera whose economics background are poor.

Apart from taking a role as the initiator that move developments in Tapanuli, IT Del desires to incubate new technopreneurs in information technology.

Situated near Lake Toba, 400 km from Medan IT Del is expected to create calm environment which will support the students in their study, far away from noise and crowd in cities and industrial areas.