1. KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) Stockholm, Swedia


  • Sending IT Del lecturers to continue their study in Master’s, Doctorate’s and Post-Doctoral’s programs at KTH Royal Institute
  • Lecturers’ exchange program from October until November 2014
  • Students’ exchange program
  • KTH Royal Institute professors’ visits as academic source for knowledge transfer in building Indonesian cyber army,  which will organize a cyber camp at IT Del in September 2014.
  • Joint research between IT Del and KTH Royal Institute.
  • One KTH professor has planned to call on IT Del at the beginning of May 2014(www2.del.ac.id/?p=2149)

2. Weizmann Institute of Science, Tel Aviv, Israel


1. Sending IT Del lecturers for postdoc at Weizmann Institute

2. Sending IT Del students for  summer school at Weizmann Institute

3. Sending Del Superior High School students to participate in  young researcher’s program at Weizmann Institute
4. Prof. Daniel Zajfman will visit  IT Del campus in the coming of September 2014 to be the keynote speaker in a seminar/symposium at IT Del. (www2.del.ac.id/?p=2139)

3. Afeka College, Tel Aviv, Israel

Afeka has agreed to be a resource for IT Del’s development toward Afeka College-like institution, and to be a leading institution in Indonesia. Prof. Sokolov is willing to give advice for  IT Del, and as invited by Mr.  Luhut Pandjaitan, he agrees to visit  IT Del this year. Another cooperation is to send IT Del lecturers as interns in Afeka campus to learn more about the academics and management in Afeka.

( www2.del.ac.id/?p=2144 ) .

4. Telkomsel

The establishment of Innovation Hub or popular as Toba Digital Valley (TDV) in IT Del, opportunities for IT Del students’ internship, knowledge/ expert sharing, and IT Del graduates’ recruitment for vacancies at Telkomsel. In particular, for the establishment of Toba Digital Valley, Telkomsel will facilitate Innovation Hub Lab (Toba Digital Valley) infrastructure development, lab facility like computers/laptops and testing device,  interior and design facility,  telecommunication network infrastructure like femto cell, wifi and etc., research and cloud system for research, the making and development of applications’ content, mobile applications, IT applications,  studies, research development, information technology and telecommunication system. (www2.del.ac.id/?p=2126)

5.  Gadjah Mada University

  1. Education, Research and Community Works.
  2. Collaborations in human resource development.
  3. Monitoring for standard and quality of education of Del Institute of Technology.
  4. The development of research collaboration development at Del Institute of Technology.Institut Teknologi Del.
  5. Pengembangan Institut Teknologi Del dalam sumber daya manusia dengan melakukan penempatan pengajar sesuai dengan kebutuhan masing-masing PIHAK.

6. Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB)

  1. Cooperation in human resources development.
  2. Standard and Quality Control at Del Institute of Technology.
  3. Collaborative Research  Development at Del Institute of Technology
  4. Human Resources Development for Del Institute of Technology by lecturers’ placement as required by each party.

7. The Defense Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia
To support each other in the development of science and informatics technology, information, and telecommunication for the interests of national defense particularly in cyber defense by:

  1. “Tunas Belajar” program and needed trainings and courses.
  2. Employees’ recruitment program.
  3. Research, consultation and studies’ programs
  4. Seminars, workshops, extension, counseling, and community works in cyber defense.
  5. The development and operation of computer technology and special telecommunication network system.
  6. Applied research program, innovation and technology transfer in cyber defense.

8. MER Security and Communication

  1. Collaborative research for business intelligence research table.
  2. Digital organizational open source intelligents research sensor (DOORS) production

9.  ITB’s Business and Management School

  1. Lecturers’ development including recruitment process for prospective lecturers, lecturers’ career development, lecturers’ internship and quality improvement  of teaching skills;
  2. Curriculum improvement which covers course modules, laboratories and business incubators;
  3. Academic capacity increasing in bachelor/undergraduate programs including knowledge transfer of learning system, students’ admission, students’ exchange or credit transfer, lecturers’ exchange and system’s quality assurance.
  4. Development for science and technology which covers research, development, and application for business and economy of the local  community;
  5. Documents’ preparation for IT Del’s establishment and institutional development

10. Indonesian Chamber of Commerce

  1. Domestic education content
  2. THE FIRST PARTY as domestic hardware suppliers, human resources and funding.
  3. THE SECOND PARTY to facilitate domestic content supplies and trainings.

11. Rajawali Foundation

  1. Rajawali Foundation provides post education and research for IT Del’s lecturers and Academics Staffs by  Center For Policy Research And Education in collaboration with Harvard University (the U.S.), and or Nortwestern University (the U.S.) and or Australian National University (Australia).
  2. Rajawali Foundation provides scholarship to the first degree students of  IT Del. This scholarship is given to the best selected IT Del students.

12. Indonesia Telecommunication
Scope: Collaborative Research, Knowledge/Expert/Facilities Sharing and potential business development in  Creative IT

13. The International Computing Academy (ICA)
Scope: The development of computer game education and animation industry in Indonesia.

14. Kinema Systrans Multimedia ‘Infinite Studios’ (IS)
Scope: The development of computer game education and animation industry in Indonesia.

15. Satunol Mikrosistem

  1. Professional software development by principles and standard for good software development ;
  2. Including and engaging some senior high and vocational schools in Tobasa to collaborate in a new technology training and product development with commercial added values.
  3. Collaborating in research-backed commercial projects, creative industries and  enterpreneurship in the Computer Engineering.

16. Sun Microsystems Indonesia

  1. Collaborative  Information Technology programs aimed at endorsing the learning process at IT Del;
  2. Sun Microsystems Indonesia facilitates IT Del to be Sun Education Partner by Sun Academic Initiative
  3. Collaboration in commercial projects which support research, creative industry and enterpreunership.
  4. Provide scholarships to the second and third grade students.

17.  Budi Luhur University

  1. Collaboration in Human Resources’ Development.
  2. Graduate study programs for IT Del graduates at Budi Luhur University.
  3. Cooperation development in Research and Community Work
  4. Professionals exchange.

18.  State Polytechnics of Malang

  1. Students, lecturers and researchers’ exchange;
  2. Scientific publication and research exchange;
  3. Collaborative research and seminars

19. Indonesian Christian Universities’ Body Union
Scope:Empowerment and Use For Library in the environment of  BK-PTKI and/or For PPTI (Forum for Librarian and Theology  in Indonesia.

20.  Indonesia International Education Foundation
Scope: Provider for Toefl Institutional Testing Program.