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To prepare prospective educated engineers responsible for designing, developing, applying and operating process in telecommunication, control system, digital signal process and computer system.

The profile of bachelor/undergraduate degree of electrical engineering graduates is:
– to apply basic knowledge and engineering management in Electrical Engineering
– to formulate and analyze problems as well as develop a solution system which applies

knowledge and technology in Electrical and Telecommunication
–  to design a system in Electrical and Telecommunication
–  to apply stages, methods and concepts systematically in Computer Engineering aiming at problem solving in society and industry

Diploma 3 study programs in Information Technology, Informatics Management, and Computer Engineering have been accredited “B” by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education of Republic of Indonesia based on the decision of BAN-PT No. 024/BAN-PT/Ak-VIII/Dpl-III/I/2009. This accreditation proves to the society that the D-III IT, IM, and CE study programs’ quality and efficiency are controlled regarding the quality assurance.