Accreditation is a process of certifying the competency, authority, or credibility of a higher education institution or a study program presented by an independent body or organization. Other independent certification for the  competency is a certifying process of accountability, registration, and licensing by a certain body.

Unlike any other competency certification, accreditation is conducted by colleagues and those who understand the fundamentals of higher education management, named the Assessors. The decision on the competency is based on proofs related to judgments of informed experts-based standards. The evidence is recorded in a written report prepared by the university being accredited, further verified and validated when the Assessors visit to the university.

Accreditation is a process and result. As a process, it is BAN-PT’s effort to certify the quality of a higher education institution based on standards. As a result, accreditation is grading the quality of a university later informed to the society. Therefore, certifying a higher educational institution gives these advantages:

  1. To provide guarantees that the accredited university have met quality standard by BAN-PT, which further protects people from under qualified universities.
  2. To push universities so as to keep on improving and keep up high quality.
  3. To use the accreditation as a consideration for credit transfer, fund allocation and proposals, and recognition from concerned bodies or agencies.

The quality of university is an overall profile of inputs, process, products or services assessed based on a number of standards as the benchmark to establish conditions and characteristics reflecting the quality of higher educational institution.

The quality assessment for certifying higher education must be based on complete and clear standards as the benchmark of the assessment, also accompanied with explanation on the operation of needed procedure and steps, so the assessment becomes systemic and systematical.

Diploma 3 study programs in Information Technology, Informatics Management, and Computer Engineering  have been “B” accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education of Republic of Indonesia based on the decision of BAN-PT No. 024/BAN-PT/Ak-VIII/Dpl-III/I/2009. This marks one of the D-III IT, IM, and CE study programs to assess their programs’ quality and efficiency in order to provide quality assurance and control for society.