IT Del’s Directorate of Partnership and Public Relations welcomed visitors to IT Del campus. The visitors were the Principal and teachers from Medan, the Tanoto Foundation partners. The July 3rd, 2019 visit to IT Del took place in happy atmosphere. The guests really enjoyed the fresh cool air and the beauty of IT Del campus view when they were welcomed at IT Del entrance hall.


The guests’ enthusiasm has been clearly expressed since the event opening at IT Del Auditorium. Introductory video was played to introduce each faculty, study program, campus life and visit to all laboratories at IT Del. IT Del students also exhibited their projects and took the attention of all the visitors The laboratory visits were ended with robot tor tor dance from Electrical Engineering students. Even though the visit was limited to 2 hours, all the guests were very amused with the visit to IT Del and delighted by the institution’s welcoming. The guests expressed their hope IT Del would grow bigger as the center of technological development.

“Our campus is indeed located in a remote area, but we ensure we are not remote people -Togar M. Simatupang-

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