The objectives of Information System study program are to produce the graduates who can meet these requirements.

1) actively engage and be successful in their professions

2) accepted to continue their study to the higher degree and able to complete the study once accepted

3) demonstrate leadership and pioneerism qualities to improve the environment they live

Profile of the Graduates

In order to reach the objectives of education stated, the profile of graduates from Information System study program  should be as follows:

1) Possess abilities to apply basic knowledge, mathematics and statistics, basic computing, designing and management to support their expertise

2) Have ability to modelling and use the models for representing analyses, plannings, and performance system

3) Understand components that form technology in Information System, functions, limitations of the performance, and basic concepts to easily adapt to technological changes.

4)  Possess abilities to understand, analyze, and identify system needs .

5) Capable of planning the best solutions, which include People-Process Technology by considering impacts, risks and values resulted.

6) Possess ability to build system implementation or manage various resources to build a system

7) Acquire abilities to do good deployment system, prepare change management and IS operation as a service.

8) Have skills for effective communication and working in a team, either as a leader or a member to accomplish a certain goal.

9) Understand professionalism, ethics, legal, social issues, environment and technology

10) Possess abilities and skills in using technics, methods, standards, and tools to produce solutions in an optimal way.