No IT Del students who ever drop out due to economics problems because IT Del shows academics concerns to the students by providing various scholarships.  The scholarship provided by Del Foundation to IT Del students are various, which cover:





BIDIN (Commitment Scholarship) To reach the next generation having potentials to build IT Del.
  • The second and third grade active students of IT Del.
  • GPA = 3.25 for Education Staff /Teaching Assistant and GPA = 2.80 for Support Education Staff.
  • Never have any academics sanctions
Education tuition and living costs at  IT Del covering:

  • Educational tuition
  • Dorm cost
  • Minimum payment for laptop
  • Health cost


  • Money for buying textbooks
  • Pocket money.
BE (Economics Scholarship) To reach smart and hard-working students with insufficient economics background.
  • Complete administration.
  • Selection by IT Del’s team for scholarship
  • University tuition.
  • Minimum payment for laptop *
  • Meals’ cost at IT Del canteen*
  • Dorm costs *
BS (Subsidy Scholarship) As the completion for the student scholarships apart from IT Del (e.g: A student gets Bidikmisi scholarship from Dikti, but it remains insufficient to cover educational fees at IT Del. Thus, this scholarship serves as a completion).
  • Meet the scholarship requirements by Dikti.
  • Selected by IT Del  Team for Scholarship

  • Financial aid to organize education as much as 2,400,000 each semester managed by IT Del.
  • Living cost assistance as much as 600,000 per month.


  • Educational subsidy fee by IT Del to cover university tuition.
  • Subsidy for living costs. *


  1. Information: * Component for minimum payment for laptop/meal cost at IT Del canteen/dorm cost in Economics Scholarship and if subsidy for living costs is included in Subsidy Scholarship, depending on the category of the students receiving the scholarship.
  2. Parents/Guardians must keep contributing to finance their children’s education at IT Del despite each scholarship offered by Del Foundation (except for BIDIN).