Jakarta, March 4th, 2019 – DUIT, as the abbreviation of peDuli Uang kITa berhasil, application has championed Hackathon 2019 competition organized by the Ministry of Finance, within the theme of Generasi Peduli #UangKita. The developers of this application are Lidwina Kristantia, 22 years old, as the project manager, David Hukom, 28 years old, as designer and Eko Simanjuntak, 22 years old, as the programmer.


DUIT was considered successful  to present the information on National Budget 2019 into an informative, educational and interesting platform application prototype. The users can access the National Budget for economy indicators like rate of inflation, economic growth, exchange rate and opportunities to the millennial to suggest and monitor the government’s performance. Also, it is available the personalized feature to monitor monthly spending on every sector of development by geo location in each province.

The second place was won by the group whose members were project manager Michael Kosastra (21), designer Setyono Dwi Utomo (23), and programmer Nur Ratna Sari (24). The group came up with application on a citizen journalism by combining Artificial Intelligence features and camera to monitor the National Budget implementation. A #PantauKita hashtagged, the application will help the users to ensure the budget allocated for their areas to have been realized accountably. In addition, hashtag #TentukanKita becomes a single point of attraction since it will enable the users to directly involve in the planning for national budget and collaborate with the government to increase the effectiveness of the country’s budget spent in their region.

Other outstanding group were the group with the project manager Aqilah Khairunnisa (21), the designer Alexander Pratama (25) and the programmer Ilham Firdausi Putra (19) who was in the third place. They demonstrated a real time-based opinions exchange platform. The users can like and reply other users’ comments each other about the realization of National Budget in their area as it does on social media. The social and education feature has been the interesting part of the application.

In relation to the judging process, there were four aspects to evaluate the participants’ application platform prototypes. The aspects were as follows: (1) wideframe (UX), the user friendly of the application and its practicality; (2) innovation and creativity linked to originality, innovation and idea novelty; (3) design (UI), the attractiveness of the application design; and (4) functionality and flexibility, accuracy and comprehensiveness of the prototype in communicating case purposes.

The judges of the Finance Minister’s Hackathon 2019 competition were (i) Expert Staff in Organization, Bureaucracy and Information Technology (OBTI) Desk of the Finance Ministry, Mr. Sudarto; (ii) Vice President of Products DANA Indonesia, Mr. Rangga Wiseno; (iii) Managing Director of Kalibrr Indonesia, Mr. Sanuk Tandon; and (iv) Managing Director of Technology Lead Accenture, Mr. Indra Permana. The Hackathon competition was opened by the Minister of Finance on Friday, March 1st. This three-day competition was joined by 39 finalists from more than 3,500 registrants from all over Indonesia.

The three groups to be winners were chosen upon their ability to successfully read the millennial characteristics  who tend to be critical to development and wrap it up in an application. The design and user experience displayed were also evaluated to have been appropriate to the millenial’s taste which has been clean and efficient. “We are looking forward to their continuing journey so that they won’t stop here for making innovative technology to share the valuable information of the state’s monetary policy,” said the Expert Staff of OBTI from the Ministry of Finance.

Meanwhile, Vice President of Products DANA Indonesia highlighted the importance of collaboration. Everything starts from small things which may make it seem irrelevant, yet those small things will be in synergy when they all meet and combine their own capabilities in creating some innovation. “These beginnings have convinced me that collectively, Indonesian youth is able to bring positive changes,” he said.

Source: www.kemenkeu.go.id

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