The Scrabble competition of DILC 2017 started on Tuesday, 5 December 2017 at 5. 30 P.M. with two elimination stages. 16 participants could make it to the second elimination after competing in the first elimination with another 16 participants. The tough competition among very talented students seem so tense especially in the second elimination stage which resulted in 8 participants who will be competing in the last elimination on the next day.


The 8 most talented participants who had successfully made it to the last elimination stage are:

  1. Paian Fernando Simarmata
  2. Parida Rentian Sibarani
  3. Rosa Siagian
  4. Ines Sihombing
  5. Jhonni Gultom
  6. Sanni Siallagan
  7. Agus
  8. Yessica Tampubolon


The final round, however, will be the last determination for the crowned most talented students for vocabulary mastery …. and that will be another story.


These are some of the pictures from the first and second elimination.