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Friday, 19 August 2016 was a rare and special occasion for all IT Del new students whose origin was Tolikara-Papua because on that very occasion, the Papua students could have a meeting with ibu Uli Pandjaitan, the daughter of Del founder. Ibu Uli Pandjaitan who cared a lot for all IT Del students especially the new students from Tolikara who were firstly went out of Papua for a university study to a very distant place in Laguboti, a small town in North sumatera, took the advantage to know every student and find out the students’ motivation to study at IT Del.

Having heard all the students’ motivations and family background, Ibu Uli Pandjaitan gave more explanation about the vision and mission of IT Del in order to encourage the students to learn seriously at IT Del and remember all those vision and mission at all times and all the way to the graduation day. In between her encouraging speech, ibu Uli Pandjaitan also shared some of her experiences to the Tolikara students so that they were even more motivated to survive learning in a complete different culture and far away from home.

‘We’ll see you graduate from IT Del, all of you students from Tolikara. So, let’s start the struggle and never give up.’

[Translated by RMS_22/08/2016]