Yosef Barita Sar Manik ST., M.Sc.,P.hD.


Jabatan                                                   : Dekan dan Dosen Fakultas Teknologi Industri

Email                                                        : yosef.manik@del.ac.id

Latar Belakang Pendidikan            :

S1- Institut Teknologi Surabaya (1998)

S2 Karlsruhe Institute of Technologi, Germany (2008)

S3 University of Maine, USA (2013)

Postdoctoral                            : Harvard University, USA (2014)

A. International Journal

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  6. Manik (2017) Developing Energy Technology Course For Undergraduate Engineering Management Study Program In Lake Toba Area With Particular Focus To Sustainable Energy Systems in Dvelopment Context.

B. Book

  1. Life Cycle Sustainability Assessments (2017), book chapter in Encyclopedia of Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry, John Wiley & Sons (ISBN: 9781118751466)
  2. Fun with Compass and Ruler (2017), Del Publishing ISBN: 9786027497306
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