Yohanssen Pratama, S.Si, M.T

Jabatan                                                   : Dosen

Email                                                         : yohanssen.pratama@del.ac.id

Latar Belakang Pendidikan            :

S1 Fisika ITB 2011

S2 Informatika Institut Teknologi Bandung 2015

S3 (On Going)


Publikasi :

  1. Vehicle Counting and Classification for Traffic Data Acquisition
  2. Addition Impact Factor on ID3 Algorithm That Used to Classify Road Traffic Density
  3. Multithreading Application for Counting Vehicle by Using Background Subtraction Method
  4. A Survey on Keeler’s Theorem and Application of Symmetric Group for Swapping Game
  5. Public Health Concerns Measurement Using Twitter Sentiment Analysis with the Addition of Symptoms Parameters
  6. Stochastic Modeling to Make Efficient Use of Public Transportation
  7. Penggabungan Beberapa Algoritma untuk Keperluan Mendeteksi di Jalan Raya