Elisa Margareth Sibarani, ST, M.ISD

Jabatan                                                : Dosen

Email                                                      : elisa@del.ac.id

Latar Belakang Pendidikan          :

D3 Sistem Informasi Politeknik Informatika Del 2004

S1 Teknik Informatika ITB 2007

S2 Information System Development HAN University of Applied Sciences 2010

S3 University of Bonn Germany (on going)


Publikasi :

  1. Simulating an Intergration Systems: Hospital Information System, Radiology Information System and Picture Archiving and Communication System
  2. A typical Case of Recommending the Use of a Hierarchical Data Format
  3. Pembangkitan Parallel Text Indonesia-Inggris pada Situs Web
  4. Pembangunan Ontologi dengan Development-Oriented pada Metodologi Methontology Studi Kasus: Ontologi Alumni Politeknik Informatika Del
  5. A Study of Parsing Process on Natural Language Processing in Bahasa Indonesia
  6. Actor and Use Case Extraction fromText-Based Requirement Specification
  7. An Automatic Tool for Star Schema Development