Welcome to IT Del website.

Del Institute of Technology (IT Del) is actually the development of Del Polytechnics of Informatics (PI Del) which was founded in 2001 by Del foundation. IT Del was officially inaugurated by the Indonesian President, Dr. Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono, in 2005. It indicated that Del foundation has long been longing to develop PI Del into a bigger Institution. IT Del had officially been given a permission to operate by the Ministry of Education and Culture in August 2013. PI Del originally had three Diploma 3 programs: Informatics Engineering, Information System, and Computer Network. By the development of science and technology, specifically in information technology that demands for a lot of specialty and expertise in this field and by the high passion from Del foundation to give more contribution to this nation through education, and by the society’s high enthusiasm to get higher education, then Del foundation developed PI Del into IT Del.

Based on the decree given by the Republik Indonesia Ministry of Education and Culture number 266/E/O/2013 about the confirmation change from PI Del into IT Del, then IT Del is now having three faculties; Faculty of Informatics and Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Industrial Technology, and Faculty of Biotechnology. Apart from the existing Diploma 3 and Diploma 4 programs, IT Del has been operating Bachelor Degree of Informatics Engineering, Bachelor Degree of Information System, Bachelor Degree of Electrical Engineering, Bachelor Degree of Engineering Management, and Bachelor Degree of Bioprocess Engineering.

Even though consequently the opening of those programs will cause more students intake, yet we are still committed to provide the best quality of education. The quality and quantity of the teaching staff/ lecturers are always upgraded by trainings and advance studies. The foundation also gives a never ending support to facilitate this institution with qualified facilities to support the institution achieving qualified education and research.

The quality of the lecturers’ teaching and research is continuously improved with the good cooperation maintained with other institutions or industries. Some research centers are built in order to facilitate the lecturers to do researches that are of value to their personal competence development and to the society.

Finally, we would like to thank all parents who have entrusted their children to study in this institution. We will always try to keep the trust you bestow upon us.

Prof. Dr. Roberd Saragih, MT

The Rector of Del Institute of Technology