Del through its doctors also runs a public healthcare facility (clinic), which was established in May 2009. It is located beside the front gate of Del Institute of Technology campus. This facility is to serve Del students and staffs in particular, however, it also serves people around the campus. The facility is a social and non-profit yet remains to maintain its quality in order to meet the latest standard of service. This healthcare facility cooperates with  Jamsostek as PPK I to serve patients surrounding the area whose medical insurance are covered by Jamsostek.  The doctor’s practice provides medical treatment for children and adults as well as simple surgery procedures. It also stocks drugs (pharmeceutical), so patients do not need to buy the pills prescribed by the doctor in other drugs’ stores. Currently, the facility is being developed to be the clinic of Del Foundation.

The doctors:
a. dr. Eva C. Saragih
b. dr. Johanes Pardede (the PiC for the Clinic)

Consultation time:
a. Day: Monday to Friday
b. Time: 16.30 – 19.30