1. IA Del Profile

Del Alumni Association (the acronym is IA Del) has regional representatives and branches recognized by the committee of organization. The organization was established on April 9th, 2006 in Jakarta. The symbol of Del Alumni (Ikatan Alumni) is the word ia means del, roof means a house with three persons under it.

Del Alumni Association has Pancasila as its philosophy and the Constitution of 1945 as its legal basis. It is a community organization which belongs to no political organization. It is togetherness-oriented organization but self-reliant with aspirations and participation.

Del Alumni Association was set up to back its members to apply and develop science, technology, and culture for the sake of its members, almamater and prosperity of Indonesian people and nation. It also contributes in works and mind-fruits in the regulation for the life of nation, increases the feeling of being family and togetherness among the members, and upholds the almamater bound in honor.

Since 2009 the leaders of IA Del are selected directly by IA Del members. The period of IA Del Chair is for 3 years. In 2012 IA Del members are from nine (9) classes dispersed mostly in Jakarta, Medan, Pekanbaru, Batam , Singapore, Netherland, and other cities.

2. Activities

Del Alumni Association has in advancing social and education. It has been demonstrated through some activities which will continue to be held, such as:

  1.  IA Del Gives Back

IA Del Gives Back is a program launched when Committee for IA Del’s Christmas in Jabodetabek was established in 2008. The program aimed that Christmas 2008 would be celebrated as a simple celebration based on concerns with education conditions in Tobasa, North Sumatera dan preserving the environment of Lake Toba. In that regard, the alumni and other donors were welcomed to give donation, allocated for:

  • Schools around  Del (Laguboti and its surrounding) which need help most.
  •  Toba Green Program (planting 1,000 trees for green ) organizing by Toba Dream.


2. Blood Donation and Visits to Orphans and Nursing Homes

3. Mass Circumsicion, PAUD School Renovation

In celebrating the 10th anniversary of Del, IA Del joins Del Foundation in social works such as mass circumsicion and renovation for PAUD School in North Jakarta.

4. IA Del Teaches

IA Del Teaches program has started since 2012 which still continues now. IA Del Teaching program has been conducted in some regions around Jabodetabek. The main target is Lapak Pemulung in East Cikoko. The teaching and learning activity is held in some small rooms, located surrounding the participants’ home. The class activities are conducted every Saturday and Sunday for 2 hours each. Such short time is allocated to teach the participants to read, write, and count. Learning and Fun activities like Learning, Discussing and Sharing, and Watch Movies Together are also conducted during the one teaching period.

In February 2013 the association also conduced teaching activity in Computer Engineering at SD Negeri 01 Bukit Duri. The parents thanked the association so much, for their children were taught how to use computers. They were looking forward to the alumni’s continuing to do similar activities.

This activity will keep going, so IA Del team continues to deliver the teaching program. For the reason, they are surveying other locations in need for the activity.


Viva IA Del, may it can advance the socio-education in Indonesia.