The speech final round was completely done tonight, 7 December 2017. Five finalists competed and showed their competence. The assessment that included evaluation towards not only the students’ ability to perform outstandingly but also to show their ability to address the discussed topic resulted in five winners in this sequence:


1. First winner : Cindy Fransiska Beatrice Simarmata
2. Second winner : Anggi Frecelia
3. Third winner : Wilda Sinaga
4. First runner up : Jessica Dewi Fortuna Br. Marpaung
5. Second runner up : Edwin Yonathan Gurning


This is just the beginning for all students to compete in more prestigious speech competitions in the future. Keep working on improving your writing and speaking skills and never forget that knowledge in vocabulary and structure do get counted.


This is the end of the speech contest for closing the year 2017 and hope everyone is happy with this big event conducted by UPT Bahasa of IT Del. Thank you for the juries and all participants; without you this will never happen.